How to Save Your County

Saving the Marin-Sonoma Coast has been widely used for planning purposes in California and other states, and is useful for college courses, lecture series, and protection of natural resources.


This book can be extremely useful for county planning with citizen participation. There are 52 counties in California and more than 300 nationwide that control county government and its agencies. As discussed in Rebels With a Cause and in this book, county government is the most powerful and effective way to control sprawl, overpopulation, and the destruction of natural resources.

Save your county - protection of natural resources
Saving the Marin-Sonoma Coast affirms
a message that should be shouted from
the housetops: citizens working together
have the power to shape the course

of events that affect their lives. In a
time of cynicism about the workings of
democracy, there is no message more

From this website you can download pdfs of the book, part by part.
Saving the Marin-Sonoma Coast is also available at the Audubon Canyon Ranch.